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Independent lighting specialists

Being an independent company gives us the benefits of both flexibility and loyalty in regard to our dealers which ensures we can offer the best products at the best prices. Projects Department has a huge range of suppliers and products which are suitable for film, TV, video, live broadcast/production and still photography. Whilst we have our preferred suppliers who we have found to share our passion for providing excellent products and services we will always listen to your requirements and advise on the best possible option for you.


All products supplied by Projects Department are covered by the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of our main suppliers include:

Arri Lighting

Bristol Paint





Eaton/Zero 88




Photon Beard

Power Gems

Quartz color


Our product range includes a full spectrum of lighting units and equipment, this includes LED, Fluorescent, HMI, Tungsten, Soft lights, Lighting kits, Lamp head accessories and spare lamps, Battery packs, Green screens, Studio curtains and lighting grids.


Please contact us for a personal quote. All we require is the measurements of your studio space, however if you have a particular product or exact specifications please send us the details and we will advise accordingly. If we are unable to fulfil your enquiry we will let you know immediately, in all cases we will do our best to meet your needs.


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Projects Department Ltd

Projects Department Ltd

Independent lighting specialists